When I was about five I remember my grandmother asking me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. I immediately answered, “I want to be a nurse”. Unbeknownst to me at that time with the encouragement of my Nana, who I idolized, my dream and purpose was being formed. This became my dream […]

From sunrise to sunset and beyond there is a purpose A purpose that can enrich our lives Life is to live achieving new and rewarding experiences To serve each other with joy and kindness To have compassion and empathy To accept people as they are not as we would like them to be To practice […]

Empathy is focusing on the needs of the other person Maintaining sensitivity for the good of all Passion to help in a non judgemental way Attitude of comforting with heartfelt love Trusting in the obligation you perceive while listening Yielding with dignity and respect for self and others   Listening is an attitude of the […]

The long cold stormy winter is drawing to an end Signs of spring are beginning to appear Blossom is covering the trees Flowers are starting to appear on bushes The sense of warmth in the sun raising our energy We begin to prepare our gardens Hopes for a good spring and summer are welcome Spring […]

Most mornings I sit in my favourite green chair and flip through affirmation or devotional books to find an affirmation for the day, write it out and put in my pocket and refer to it several times, it can bring understanding and comfort. My favourite are listed below: Let Go and let God   Albert E […]

I will go to bed tonight grateful for the comfort that it will bring I will think of all those who will be sleeping rough No home, no bed, out in the cold and damp nights I will think of the people going to bed with a heavy heart from sadness and confusion With tears […]

There can be a new beginning From the darkness of the night a new day appears Let yesterday’s trouble fade away Finding a solution can be difficult Reach out to someone you trust They may see the problem differently Being able to bring alternative solutions Instead of carrying your trouble another day Let love, optimism […]

It was after I had helped at a Remembrance Service I went to see a collage using beads, buttons and hearts with messages written on them made by the people who had attended. The service was held in a tree-covered court yard on a beautiful sunny autumn day for people who had lost love ones in […]

People will gather early Anzac Day to remember and commemorate the supreme sacrifice of service men and women made during World War One and all those who have served in a war and peace keeping Soldiers landed on the shores of Gallipoli with huge loss of life fighting bravely in horrible conditions. Death pain and […]

Blessing to every one Love and peace be with you Every morning to guide you Serving us each and every day Strengthening and sustaining In all we undertake and do Nourishing with grace and understanding God the giver of all things Sacrifice made for every one          Love and Blessings to All

A quote from George Bernard Shaw “Life was not meant to be easy “ We all experience difficulties along the way At times we seem to over think things Life can be simplified We are the ones that make it complicated Procrastinating instead of acting Eliminating clutter physically and mentally Doing things simply and practically […]

I woke Sunday morning with “will I or won’t I?” going through my head. Will I get up and go for a walk or stay in bed for a while, eventually the “will I” won.  I dressed and headed out for my walk. It was a beautiful still morning with the air fresh from recent […]

I stepped outside, it had started to rain I stood on the veranda and sighed with relief We had extreme heat for several days With bush fires in the near hills I said a prayer of gratitude as nature was taking its course It got me thinking: We allow opportunities to express our gratitude to […]

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution I’ve always liked. There is some dispute online as to who the author of this poem is so I will just say, thank you for your poem – it does indeed make lots of people smile.  Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me […]

Memories never change, they last for ever They are treasures held deep within the soul A tune, a song, a phrase, a spoken word A scene, families and love ones together Flipping through photos brings laughter The clothes, hair styles, antics at special occasions They have to be seen to believed Mistakes are forgiven and […]

C hristians awake and salute the happy morn H ark the herald angels sing R ing out the bells I t came upon the mid night clear S o this is Christmas T he first Noel M erry, Merry Christmas A ngels from the realm of glory S ilent Night   Carols by Candle Light […]

  The street parade heralds in Christmas Father Christmas arrives in his sleigh A carnival atmosphere delights the children and adults lining the streets of Adelaide A tall pine tree with coloured lights adorns our city square The shopping malls have tinsel and Christmas bells hanging from the roofs Churches are lighting the Advent candles […]

  With a heavy heart I started to walk a different journey The journey was clouded by the death of my husband The path was covered with fog Walking the path was the only way to go Grief and pain hindered every step I had to find my inner strength to move A malaise surrounded […]

How many times have we heard or said that      In a minute How many times have we waited for the time to end?      In a minute What ever the circumstances a minute can be a very long time with many excuses      In a minute I am busy right now I will be […]

The day can be full of making choices Starting early in the day By choosing to stay in bed just ten minutes more Life is about choices they are the foundation of our journey Our choice may be life changing Bearing the result of our attitude of how we face the day To change our […]

A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze Feeling like a new world after a long cold winter The perfume of jasmine wafted all around as I walked along Petals from white flowering shrubs drifted down onto the pavement Their leaves ready to peep through Some gardens had seedlings planted ready for the summer blooming […]

Like the swinging of the pendulum Time and life goes on From the beauty of the morning sky To the fading light of night Through pleasure and adversity Each emotion has its opposites Each experience is an action or reaction With a desire that harmony will replace hostility Positivity linked with time and love To […]

My Church Your love and prayers reaching out Caring thoughts and blessings Healing empathy and compassion in difficult times Understanding the needs of others Relieving stress and pain Comforting the sick and lonely Heart felt thanks for the love and concern during my recent illness                      from Glenda

“Lord grant that I may see the stitch until my dying day When the last short thread has been clipped and the scissors tucked away The work that I have done that other folk may see The pleasure that I have known Lord in the skills you gave to me”. Reading these words reminded me […]

  Praise yourself for your courage to make mistakes Risking something new is the essence of learning   If you stand outside the circle and wonder why you feel so lonely, you are unaware that you need only your own permission to join the others, not theirs.   Learn to give great hugs. It’s a […]

The worldwide disharmony and rage affects many people who care Emotionally many are affected as we wake up to a troubled world Television brings instant brutality, sadness, abuse and destruction into our lives Guns and killings are shattering families People cannot understand their thoughtless disturbed behaviour Anxiety and fear live in their lives for ever […]

The day is ushered in at sunrise Into a world of wonderment and creativity Every moment spun with the delicacy of the spider’s web Meeting the new day with expectation Choosing challenges with success Empathy and enduring faith Gathered into a loving heart With gratitude at the end of the day

Be grateful for the life you have lived Still learning as you journey forward Age is a privilege Giving us a purpose to fulfil Accepting who we are Disregard the number of life’s years Live a life that is rewarding Choose to release old negativity Creating new thoughts and ideas Wisdom comes with age You […]

During May 1961 nearing the end of my confinement Laurie decided it being so close to Mother’s Day that we would celebrate on the right day and date .He surprised me giving me a lovely cameo broach which remains a cherished possession. Later in the month we were able to celebrate again with a beautiful […]

While living on the farm Anzac day was a non-event until a school teacher addressed an assembly wearing his service medals. Anne and Debbie realised that their father was involved in the army but knew very little about his service. Like so many men it was not spoken about. They attended services at the Edenhope […]

Memories never change they last for ever They are treasures held deep within the soul A tune, a song, a phrase, a spoken word A scene, families and loved ones together Flipping through photos brings laughter The clothes, hair styles, antics at special occasions They have to be seen to believed Mistakes are forgiven and […]

Holidays and happiness Love and kindness Forgiveness and acceptance Faith and hope Pain and suffering Death and resurrection Darkness and light Dedication and rebirth Joy and celebration Easter eggs and chocolate Family and friends   Love is patient and kind   1 Corinthians 13- 4

  Laughter is the best medicine Affirmation of pleasure Unravelling sadness Gleeful and energetic Happiness and humour Tears of joy while laughing Entertaining and amusing Revelry of fun.   “Laughter is God’s blessing” –  Joseph Prince

While cleaning the cupboard I was surrounded by its contents that needed sorting. The piles were easily sorted – one pile rubbish another maybe pile that still can be used, and one of cherished item that had gathered over many years on the back of the shelf. The cherished pile was the hard one – […]

As I step outside each morning I stand and look at the sky To the clouds of all colours and shapes No two mornings are alike Life is like the sky and clouds No two days alike There is difference with intentions Also in the expectations put on oneself A day to be lived and […]

  Hope is the starting point of achieving expectations beyond our dreams Hope is faith in one self and others around you Hope is casting away shadows of doubt giving access to renewed energy Hope is having a positive desire for motivation to succeed Hope is in compassion and empathy when caring for others Hope […]

I said a prayer for you today Although you are far away You are in my thoughts There is a place in my heart for you I said a prayer for you today For healing and relief from pain That comfort come from healing hands Giving you patience in your recovery I said a prayer […]

M oments to remember E verlasting and comforting M otivation recalling events O riginal stories to be relived R eflections that we value I mpressions that have lasted a lifetime E motions etched in our very being S panning a whole lifetime

On our journey through life we are often called to walk an extra mile. Fear of failure or hesitation prevents us from moving on. Low self esteem or life changing events create need to move from the long worn out track we have walked over a long period  preventing us taking the responsible for our […]

Stuff – a well-used word that has so many different connotations. It can be a pile of stuff or the sticky stuff on the bench. “You know that stuff” and the reply comes back, “I have no idea what you are talking about” Your possessions can be personally treasured stuff but to others it is just old […]

Why a well-used, confusing word that often does not give answers We can ask, why did it happened to me? At the time there seems to be no realistic reason why Why did I do that it was a dumb thing to do?     Why worry about things you can not change? Why did you […]

Life has challenges when moving from house to house for so many reasons; each house has its own story with its own atmosphere. I can always recall the first house I lived in. It was not until I revisited it after about fifty years that I realised the struggle that my parents must have had […]

I sat away from the campfire looking out into the darkness with a faint moonlight and the stars glittering brightly. Absorbed by the peace that surrounded me I was disturbed by a noise that filled my very being the noise drew closer I saw a myriad of people passing by. I sat and watched with […]

The sun came through my curtains As it had on previous days Today is different the old year slipped away as I slept I felt my sleep more precious than fireworks and parties Today is time to anticipate what the New Year will bring New Year resolutions don’t appeal to me If you don’t make […]

When we are confronted by a problem Fear can over take us It appears like a hill that is insurmountable Paralysing our decision with irrational thinking The mind races with “What if’s” and “Maybe”. No matter what problem The advice we seek is up to us Every body has a solution “I have been there […]

Christmas greetings to all the kind people that have been reading my writings. It has been a completely different journey for me that started of with my great nieces suggesting going on a blog site. I didn’t know what a blog site was little alone putting some work on it. Through personal grief I used […]

Christmas means different thing for different people For all walks of life there expectations and feelings differ The needy the lonely, homeless, bereaved, and disabled Those who have lost their will to believe in themselves and their faith in society find it hard on this occasion The Christmas story is told in churches homes and parades […]

Mary road on a donkey Joseph walked beside A baby due to be born Inconspicuous in a crowd No favours done for them Handling each problem as it came A stable for the birth place A king was born Placed in a manger for a bed An event that was to change the world For […]

C hrist Child                                 C ompassion                               H eavenly glow        JOY             H appiness R everence                                   R espect I  ncense                LOVE             I nspiration S table                                           S erenity                                       T ravellers             HOPE             T rust M ary                                              M indfulness               A ngels                 PEACE           A nticipation S hepherds                                   S ensitivity The characters and emotions of the Christmas story have been with me for years from […]

As I sat on the warm sand after a very hot day the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon, I was in awe of its beauty. I thought if only I was an artist I could sit on a stool with an easel, canvas and paint a picture. A fiery red ball of […]