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Spring is all around us

A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze Feeling like a new world after a long cold winter The perfume of jasmine wafted all around as I walked along Petals from white flowering shrubs drifted down onto the pavement Their leaves ready to peep through Some gardens had seedlings planted ready for the summer blooming […]

Joy at Sunrise

The day is ushered in at sunrise Into a world of wonderment and creativity Every moment spun with the delicacy of the spider’s web Meeting the new day with expectation Choosing challenges with success Empathy and enduring faith Gathered into a loving heart With gratitude at the end of the day

Celebration of Easter

Holidays and happiness Love and kindness Forgiveness and acceptance Faith and hope Pain and suffering Death and resurrection Darkness and light Dedication and rebirth Joy and celebration Easter eggs and chocolate Family and friends   Love is patient and kind   1 Corinthians 13- 4

The Joy of Laughter

  Laughter is the best medicine Affirmation of pleasure Unravelling sadness Gleeful and energetic Happiness and humour Tears of joy while laughing Entertaining and amusing Revelry of fun.   “Laughter is God’s blessing” –  Joseph Prince

Merry Christmas

Christmas means different thing for different people For all walks of life there expectations and feelings differ The needy the lonely, homeless, bereaved, and disabled Those who have lost their will to believe in themselves and their faith in society find it hard on this occasion The Christmas story is told in churches homes and parades […]

Joy to the World

Mary road on a donkey Joseph walked beside A baby due to be born Inconspicuous in a crowd No favours done for them Handling each problem as it came A stable for the birth place A king was born Placed in a manger for a bed An event that was to change the world For […]

Laurie’s Christmas Story

This is a Christmas story that I recently found among some papers written by my late husband Laurie given at a Christmas event which I will share with you. I begin this year’s Christmas message by telling you a story you have heard many times, a story as old as the Saviour Himself. I had […]