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Why a well-used, confusing word that often does not give answers We can ask, why did it happened to me? At the time there seems to be no realistic reason why Why did I do that it was a dumb thing to do?     Why worry about things you can not change? Why did you […]

Memories of my first house

Life has challenges when moving from house to house for so many reasons; each house has its own story with its own atmosphere. I can always recall the first house I lived in. It was not until I revisited it after about fifty years that I realised the struggle that my parents must have had […]

The Campfire

I sat away from the campfire looking out into the darkness with a faint moonlight and the stars glittering brightly. Absorbed by the peace that surrounded me I was disturbed by a noise that filled my very being the noise drew closer I saw a myriad of people passing by. I sat and watched with […]

New Year’s Day

The sun came through my curtains As it had on previous days Today is different the old year slipped away as I slept I felt my sleep more precious than fireworks and parties Today is time to anticipate what the New Year will bring New Year resolutions don’t appeal to me If you don’t make […]


When we are confronted by a problem Fear can over take us It appears like a hill that is insurmountable Paralysing our decision with irrational thinking The mind races with “What if’s” and “Maybe”. No matter what problem The advice we seek is up to us Every body has a solution “I have been there […]