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This blog contains the poems and prose of my Great Auntie Glenda. Glenda is new to the Internet so I offered to run a blog for her as a place that she can share her beautiful words.

Glenda has always loved to write but has had a busy life as a nurse, as a farmer’s wife, raising two daughters, as an active community volunteer and Uniting Church member, and as a very proud grandma. Since her husband of fifty years, my Great Uncle Laurie, died in 2011, Auntie Glenda has found in her writing an avenue to explore her feelings and share her wisdom.

I’m proud to run this little blog for her: we have always had a special bond, sharing birthdays on the same day. And Laurie will always have a special place in my heart as the dear uncle who, when I was a child and mad that all my relatives called me Brooke Chook, made up the benign alternative nickname of ‘Petal Pie’ so I wouldn’t be upset.

The gum tree pictured on the site is the place where Uncle Laurie’s ashes are scattered on the farm of his youth where his mind returned to in his last days.   

I hope you enjoy this prose and poetry. It is a wonderful lady’s journey of love and loss, grief and joy, faith and hope. 

I will help Glenda respond to comments and over time we will post more pieces of her work and other musings.


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  1. K Hausler · · Reply

    Truly beautiful words Glenda .A wonderful story of fifty years with Laurie. Will always remember that special day when you laid Laurie to rest on his beloved farm. xx Kathryn & Kerry

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