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Sunrise to sunset and beyond

From sunrise to sunset and beyond there is a purpose A purpose that can enrich our lives Life is to live achieving new and rewarding experiences To serve each other with joy and kindness To have compassion and empathy To accept people as they are not as we would like them to be To practice […]

Healing in faith

My Church Your love and prayers reaching out Caring thoughts and blessings Healing empathy and compassion in difficult times Understanding the needs of others Relieving stress and pain Comforting the sick and lonely Heart felt thanks for the love and concern during my recent illness                      from Glenda

The Rippling Effect

The worldwide disharmony and rage affects many people who care Emotionally many are affected as we wake up to a troubled world Television brings instant brutality, sadness, abuse and destruction into our lives Guns and killings are shattering families People cannot understand their thoughtless disturbed behaviour Anxiety and fear live in their lives for ever […]

The starting point is hope

  Hope is the starting point of achieving expectations beyond our dreams Hope is faith in one self and others around you Hope is casting away shadows of doubt giving access to renewed energy Hope is having a positive desire for motivation to succeed Hope is in compassion and empathy when caring for others Hope […]