Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Reflection

Throughout our grieving, the love and courage created through memories can gives us hope and understanding. The support we need to surround us, helping in healing our pain. Who are we to ask why or why me? It is with an attitude of gratefulness that we shared our lives, to accept the things we cannot change and respect […]

Let Go and Let God

When you wake in the morning With life to hard to bear Let go and let God He is always there When the road ahead is cloudy You are lost, alone and saddened Let go and let God He will wipe away the tears When doubtful and anxious Worry can’t change anything Let go and […]

The Beauty of Love

Love has no boundaries it is the energy of our faith It has no limits to giving and receiving Love is beauty, truth, joy and happiness Sadness is the loss in grief Love will sustain us when we stumble Connecting us to love and to be loved Love is in forgiveness uniting and healing An […]

The Importance of a Name

I walked down a path towards Laurie seated with four men sitting at a table. He looked up and I expected recognition but his facial expression didn’t change. The closer I came the recognition didn’t alter, my heart almost stopped and a feeling of fear rushed over me. I approach closer and he eventually smiled and said “This […]