Merry Christmas


Christmas means different thing for different people

For all walks of life there expectations and feelings differ

The needy the lonely, homeless, bereaved, and disabled

Those who have lost their will to believe in themselves and their faith in society find it hard on this occasion

The Christmas story is told in churches homes and parades

Singing carols with a hearty voices echoing from every corner

The spirit of Christmas can draws families together

Christmas trees, shared meals, presents and merriment

Memories of the past years now forming new ones for the young

Children jumping with joy as presents are opened, Christmas wrappings forming a carpet of colour

Joining together at Christmas can be difficult sometimes – differences can be mended with love, understanding and new beginnings

It is easier to travel long distance to enjoy family reunions

The expectations from your childhood regardless of your age can be with you as you wake on Christmas morning

The meaning of Christmas renewed with an early morning church service

Each year differs with aging of the family – the babies are adults with family of their own, time passes so quickly

A picnic or eating out has changed from the hot roast and Christmas pudding more appropriate for our hot summer days

Christmas is hope for the future throughout the world with love and understanding and peace between people and all nations     

Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on earth to those whom he is pleased       Luke 2: 14


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