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The pendulum swings

Like the swinging of the pendulum Time and life goes on From the beauty of the morning sky To the fading light of night Through pleasure and adversity Each emotion has its opposites Each experience is an action or reaction With a desire that harmony will replace hostility Positivity linked with time and love To […]

Healing in faith

My Church Your love and prayers reaching out Caring thoughts and blessings Healing empathy and compassion in difficult times Understanding the needs of others Relieving stress and pain Comforting the sick and lonely Heart felt thanks for the love and concern during my recent illness                      from Glenda

A prayer just for you

I said a prayer for you today Although you are far away You are in my thoughts There is a place in my heart for you I said a prayer for you today For healing and relief from pain That comfort come from healing hands Giving you patience in your recovery I said a prayer […]

A Reflection

Throughout our grieving, the love and courage created through memories can gives us hope and understanding. The support we need to surround us, helping in healing our pain. Who are we to ask why or why me? It is with an attitude of gratefulness that we shared our lives, to accept the things we cannot change and respect […]


Our hands reach out to every one With love, empathy and understanding Hands with a gentle touch Healing and comforting Expressing without words that we care Hands used in a handshake Firm and uniting in a friendly greeting Hands tell a story of work well done Providers of our daily needs Hands with sensitive fingers […]