Monthly Archives: July 2013

Love Is Life

Love is in life As in death Love is in joy As in giving and receiving Love is in laughter As in romance and dance Love is in peace With thankfulness and gratitude Love has a purpose As an inspiration to our soul Love is in God’s creation As a source of beauty and strength […]

Walking the Land

Tribes of aborigines roamed the land Large gum trees and bushes were their shelter Kangaroos, emus, and wild life were plentiful A canoe carved from a gum tree used for fishing Water being abundant, their life a peaceful existence Large tracts of land were divided up and settled Driving the aborigines into extinction Scottish families […]

My Shepherd

Sacrifice and service Harmony and healing Every day and everywhere Peace and purpose Holy, holy, holy East, west, north and south Reflection and a rock Dreams and devotion Peace Be With You Peace perfect peace Every day and every where Affirming God’s love Caring for others Endowing our life with faith


I stand in front of the refrigerator With a vacant look and mind There is a purpose for being here Oops I have forgot There are theatre tickets tucked away The need is urgent now Panic is setting in alas Oops I have forgot The hook for my car keys is bare My purse is […]

Garden of Happiness

Plant a garden of happiness Fertilise it with love Fill it with joyful experiences Pulling weeds of anxiety as they grow Cultivate kindness in all we do and say Gathering meaning and respect Pruning encourages new growth Our faith and purpose is enriched Generosity blooms with a fullness Beauty is our inspiration Peace wafts in […]

A Soldier

A youth plucked out to be a soldier Young strong and alert War quickly matured him Age has wearied him as he marches Medals adorn his chest Mates, adventures crowd his memories The strange alert youth is but a heart beat away.

Grief Journey

A grief journey travels in all directions Every one to count their loss Tears form as clouds burst within Comfort eventually comes out of despair Easing pain with healing Memories bring courage and thankfulness Enveloping the love and laughter lost Accepting the gifts we have been given Blessings That Are Shared Love comes from grief […]