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Time is healing

  With a heavy heart I started to walk a different journey The journey was clouded by the death of my husband The path was covered with fog Walking the path was the only way to go Grief and pain hindered every step I had to find my inner strength to move A malaise surrounded […]

Moments for memories

Memories never change they last for ever They are treasures held deep within the soul A tune, a song, a phrase, a spoken word A scene, families and loved ones together Flipping through photos brings laughter The clothes, hair styles, antics at special occasions They have to be seen to believed Mistakes are forgiven and […]

A prayer just for you

I said a prayer for you today Although you are far away You are in my thoughts There is a place in my heart for you I said a prayer for you today For healing and relief from pain That comfort come from healing hands Giving you patience in your recovery I said a prayer […]

Walk another mile

On our journey through life we are often called to walk an extra mile. Fear of failure or hesitation prevents us from moving on. Low self esteem or life changing events create need to move from the long worn out track we have walked over a long period  preventing us taking the responsible for our […]

Drifting to new shores

Accepting our grief is a sad and complicated journey that we alone must travel. Grief is being in a row boat having dropped an oar. Attempting to row the boat, it goes round and around. Not moving forward it drifts a little way so you try to row again. The same result prevails. A gust of […]

A Reflection

Throughout our grieving, the love and courage created through memories can gives us hope and understanding. The support we need to surround us, helping in healing our pain. Who are we to ask why or why me? It is with an attitude of gratefulness that we shared our lives, to accept the things we cannot change and respect […]

Let Go and Let God

When you wake in the morning With life to hard to bear Let go and let God He is always there When the road ahead is cloudy You are lost, alone and saddened Let go and let God He will wipe away the tears When doubtful and anxious Worry can’t change anything Let go and […]