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Singing carols for Christmas

C hristians awake and salute the happy morn H ark the herald angels sing R ing out the bells I t came upon the mid night clear S o this is Christmas T he first Noel M erry, Merry Christmas A ngels from the realm of glory S ilent Night   Carols by Candle Light […]

Christmas is coming

  The street parade heralds in Christmas Father Christmas arrives in his sleigh A carnival atmosphere delights the children and adults lining the streets of Adelaide A tall pine tree with coloured lights adorns our city square The shopping malls have tinsel and Christmas bells hanging from the roofs Churches are lighting the Advent candles […]

A Christmas thank you to all my readers

Christmas greetings to all the kind people that have been reading my writings. It has been a completely different journey for me that started of with my great nieces suggesting going on a blog site. I didn’t know what a blog site was little alone putting some work on it. Through personal grief I used […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas means different thing for different people For all walks of life there expectations and feelings differ The needy the lonely, homeless, bereaved, and disabled Those who have lost their will to believe in themselves and their faith in society find it hard on this occasion The Christmas story is told in churches homes and parades […]

Joy to the World

Mary road on a donkey Joseph walked beside A baby due to be born Inconspicuous in a crowd No favours done for them Handling each problem as it came A stable for the birth place A king was born Placed in a manger for a bed An event that was to change the world For […]

Laurie’s Christmas Story

This is a Christmas story that I recently found among some papers written by my late husband Laurie given at a Christmas event which I will share with you. I begin this year’s Christmas message by telling you a story you have heard many times, a story as old as the Saviour Himself. I had […]

Story of Christmas

C hrist Child                                 C ompassion                               H eavenly glow        JOY             H appiness R everence                                   R espect I  ncense                LOVE             I nspiration S table                                           S erenity                                       T ravellers             HOPE             T rust M ary                                              M indfulness               A ngels                 PEACE           A nticipation S hepherds                                   S ensitivity The characters and emotions of the Christmas story have been with me for years from […]