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Comfort from my chair- affirmations

Most mornings I sit in my favourite green chair and flip through affirmation or devotional books to find an affirmation for the day, write it out and put in my pocket and refer to it several times, it can bring understanding and comfort. My favourite are listed below: Let Go and let God   Albert E […]

Update from Glenda

To all my dear friends and followers, I am now home and making a good recovery from having a knee reconstruction.  I will need physio treatment for a while as exercise plays a big part in the success of the operation. I had a lot of loving support from my family and prayers from my […]


  Praise yourself for your courage to make mistakes Risking something new is the essence of learning   If you stand outside the circle and wonder why you feel so lonely, you are unaware that you need only your own permission to join the others, not theirs.   Learn to give great hugs. It’s a […]

A Christmas thank you to all my readers

Christmas greetings to all the kind people that have been reading my writings. It has been a completely different journey for me that started of with my great nieces suggesting going on a blog site. I didn’t know what a blog site was little alone putting some work on it. Through personal grief I used […]

My Quote

From a cocoon of pain and loss in grief, we will eventually emerge to see and feel beyond ourselves into a world of love, peace and understanding.