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The thoughts of the night

I will go to bed tonight grateful for the comfort that it will bring I will think of all those who will be sleeping rough No home, no bed, out in the cold and damp nights I will think of the people going to bed with a heavy heart from sadness and confusion With tears […]

Healing in faith

My Church Your love and prayers reaching out Caring thoughts and blessings Healing empathy and compassion in difficult times Understanding the needs of others Relieving stress and pain Comforting the sick and lonely Heart felt thanks for the love and concern during my recent illness                      from Glenda

Joy at Sunrise

The day is ushered in at sunrise Into a world of wonderment and creativity Every moment spun with the delicacy of the spider’s web Meeting the new day with expectation Choosing challenges with success Empathy and enduring faith Gathered into a loving heart With gratitude at the end of the day

Celebration of Easter

Holidays and happiness Love and kindness Forgiveness and acceptance Faith and hope Pain and suffering Death and resurrection Darkness and light Dedication and rebirth Joy and celebration Easter eggs and chocolate Family and friends   Love is patient and kind   1 Corinthians 13- 4

The starting point is hope

  Hope is the starting point of achieving expectations beyond our dreams Hope is faith in one self and others around you Hope is casting away shadows of doubt giving access to renewed energy Hope is having a positive desire for motivation to succeed Hope is in compassion and empathy when caring for others Hope […]

Let Go and Let God

When you wake in the morning With life to hard to bear Let go and let God He is always there When the road ahead is cloudy You are lost, alone and saddened Let go and let God He will wipe away the tears When doubtful and anxious Worry can’t change anything Let go and […]


Peace is an emotion that we desire every day.  In a troubled world of war, hatred and natural disasters are difficult to comprehend. Stress, tiredness, pain and loneliness surround us giving little time for serenity. Sitting quietly and clearing our minds of unwanted thoughts can bring clarity and peace. When we feel bereft of our […]