One stitch at a time

photo (1)

“Lord grant that I may see the stitch until my dying day

When the last short thread has been clipped and the scissors tucked away

The work that I have done that other folk may see

The pleasure that I have known Lord in the skills you gave to me”.

Reading these words reminded me of my grandmother and my mother.

Grandmother, as her final days drew near, was trying to hem a handkerchief of fine cotton material. The hem had been turned and she was trying to slip stitch around it. The stitches became irregular in size and distance the material soiled from being unpicked and attempting to start again but her natural ability persisted right to the end.

My mother was a needle woman who made numerous embroidered works of art spending hours as each stitch formed beautiful pieces of every size and shape. The framed embroidered pieces now adorn the walls of each family member that is highly treasured

As her health deteriorated her skills where reduced to crocheting making rugs or useful knickknacks. She persisted each day trying to correct her mistakes. When I visited her I had to under do the mistakes as she attempted to finish the rug persisting at all time for perfection. The rug never grow above six inches as it became two rows forward and one back…She gladly passed on her skills to many family members who are now skilled in many crafts.


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