Dreams do come true


When I was about five I remember my grandmother asking me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”.

I immediately answered, “I want to be a nurse”.

Unbeknownst to me at that time with the encouragement of my Nana, who I idolized, my dream and purpose was being formed. This became my dream remaining with me all my life.

Leaving school at the age of fifteen, I filled in time at a dressmaking shop, which I hated, then nursed for a while at the Somerton Cripple Children’s Home

My training started in 1951, then graduating as a double certificate nurse training at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital Mount Gambier and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital graduating in midwifery. I ventured out after training to widen my horizons. I went to the Edenhope and worked at the hospital and there I stayed, becoming a farmer’s wife with two daughters. I didn’t nurse after I married as married women were not accepted in the workforce in those days.

Selling the farm, we came to live in Adelaide and after a few years I started volunteering which I considered an extension to my nursing. I volunteered at Resthaven Aged Care for 25 years and now share some time now at a Hospice.

I still have my dream which has lasted a life time for which I am truly grateful.

Dreams do come true if we have the faith and courage to pursue them. A dream becomes a goal or purpose – it may take time and action and believing in oneself always aware of the gift you have been given.


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