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Singing carols for Christmas

C hristians awake and salute the happy morn H ark the herald angels sing R ing out the bells I t came upon the mid night clear S o this is Christmas T he first Noel M erry, Merry Christmas A ngels from the realm of glory S ilent Night   Carols by Candle Light […]

Self worth

  Positive self esteem brings Happiness creates Enjoyment developing Acceptance gathering Wisdom and Gratitude

The choice is yours

The day can be full of making choices Starting early in the day By choosing to stay in bed just ten minutes more Life is about choices they are the foundation of our journey Our choice may be life changing Bearing the result of our attitude of how we face the day To change our […]

The Beauty of Age

Be grateful for the life you have lived Still learning as you journey forward Age is a privilege Giving us a purpose to fulfil Accepting who we are Disregard the number of life’s years Live a life that is rewarding Choose to release old negativity Creating new thoughts and ideas Wisdom comes with age You […]

The Joy of Laughter

  Laughter is the best medicine Affirmation of pleasure Unravelling sadness Gleeful and energetic Happiness and humour Tears of joy while laughing Entertaining and amusing Revelry of fun.   “Laughter is God’s blessing” –  Joseph Prince

Happiness is all around

Happiness is a journey That we alone chose to make There are many ways to happiness Leave time for pleasure Doing things you enjoy Truly love and be loved Lovingly caring for the needs of others Laugh uncontrollably, give cheerful smiles Hugs give a sense of appreciation Happiness is in achievement Gratefulness in work well […]


F riendship formed in trust and love R eliability and sharing I nteresting and amusing E ncouraging and trust worthy N urturing and caring D edicated and optimistic S miling and laughter H appiness and hope I nformality and generosity P leasure and acceptance Sensitivity and compassion It takes time to build friendships     […]