Spring is all around us


A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze

Feeling like a new world after a long cold winter

The perfume of jasmine wafted all around as I walked along

Petals from white flowering shrubs drifted down onto the pavement

Their leaves ready to peep through

Some gardens had seedlings planted ready for the summer blooming

The roses with new growth ready for the first flush of flowers

I crossed a few streets prepared to walk around a park

Capeweed and sour sobs with their yellow flowers although weeds form a bright display

It reminded me of how my girls sat among the flowers making daisy chains wearing them as a necklace

The park is surrounded with gumtrees and shrubs of many kinds  

Underneath a brown bark covering blends into the green grass

Once again I observe the numerous colours of green that always fascinates me particularly against the clear blue sky

Red bottle brush and red geraniums add to the colour as I walk home

The panorama of darker green of the hills completes my walk

            I lift up my eye to the hills from whence cometh my help

                                    Psalm 121-1



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