Cleaning the cupboard


While cleaning the cupboard I was surrounded by its contents that needed sorting. The piles were easily sorted – one pile rubbish another maybe pile that still can be used, and one of cherished item that had gathered over many years on the back of the shelf.

The cherished pile was the hard one – trying not to react to the sentiment and memories, although gathering dust and space most were returned to the shelf to be tackled another day.

The maybe pile remained maybe, although having not being used for a long time they maybe needed.

The rubbish pile need not have happened, well passed their use by date they could have been discarded long ago. The usable pile is in constant use, with every thing placed neatly together. I stood back and looking with pleasure at my work well done.

Our lives like the cupboard can  have space created giving us the freedom to move on, discarding the negativity of the past and making way with clearer expectations for the future, with cherished memories safely stored away ready to recalled.

“Must go now my wardrobe awaits my attention”.


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