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Sunrise to sunset and beyond

From sunrise to sunset and beyond there is a purpose A purpose that can enrich our lives Life is to live achieving new and rewarding experiences To serve each other with joy and kindness To have compassion and empathy To accept people as they are not as we would like them to be To practice […]


Empathy is focusing on the needs of the other person Maintaining sensitivity for the good of all Passion to help in a non judgemental way Attitude of comforting with heartfelt love Trusting in the obligation you perceive while listening Yielding with dignity and respect for self and others   Listening is an attitude of the […]

Come on Spring

The long cold stormy winter is drawing to an end Signs of spring are beginning to appear Blossom is covering the trees Flowers are starting to appear on bushes The sense of warmth in the sun raising our energy We begin to prepare our gardens Hopes for a good spring and summer are welcome Spring […]

The thoughts of the night

I will go to bed tonight grateful for the comfort that it will bring I will think of all those who will be sleeping rough No home, no bed, out in the cold and damp nights I will think of the people going to bed with a heavy heart from sadness and confusion With tears […]

A New Beginning

There can be a new beginning From the darkness of the night a new day appears Let yesterday’s trouble fade away Finding a solution can be difficult Reach out to someone you trust They may see the problem differently Being able to bring alternative solutions Instead of carrying your trouble another day Let love, optimism […]

Easter Blessings

Blessing to every one Love and peace be with you Every morning to guide you Serving us each and every day Strengthening and sustaining In all we undertake and do Nourishing with grace and understanding God the giver of all things Sacrifice made for every one          Love and Blessings to All

Simple as it goes

A quote from George Bernard Shaw “Life was not meant to be easy “ We all experience difficulties along the way At times we seem to over think things Life can be simplified We are the ones that make it complicated Procrastinating instead of acting Eliminating clutter physically and mentally Doing things simply and practically […]