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Time is healing

  With a heavy heart I started to walk a different journey The journey was clouded by the death of my husband The path was covered with fog Walking the path was the only way to go Grief and pain hindered every step I had to find my inner strength to move A malaise surrounded […]

The pendulum swings

Like the swinging of the pendulum Time and life goes on From the beauty of the morning sky To the fading light of night Through pleasure and adversity Each emotion has its opposites Each experience is an action or reaction With a desire that harmony will replace hostility Positivity linked with time and love To […]

Healing in faith

My Church Your love and prayers reaching out Caring thoughts and blessings Healing empathy and compassion in difficult times Understanding the needs of others Relieving stress and pain Comforting the sick and lonely Heart felt thanks for the love and concern during my recent illness                      from Glenda

Update from Glenda

To all my dear friends and followers, I am now home and making a good recovery from having a knee reconstruction.  I will need physio treatment for a while as exercise plays a big part in the success of the operation. I had a lot of loving support from my family and prayers from my […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas means different thing for different people For all walks of life there expectations and feelings differ The needy the lonely, homeless, bereaved, and disabled Those who have lost their will to believe in themselves and their faith in society find it hard on this occasion The Christmas story is told in churches homes and parades […]

Happiness is all around

Happiness is a journey That we alone chose to make There are many ways to happiness Leave time for pleasure Doing things you enjoy Truly love and be loved Lovingly caring for the needs of others Laugh uncontrollably, give cheerful smiles Hugs give a sense of appreciation Happiness is in achievement Gratefulness in work well […]

Story of Christmas

C hrist Child                                 C ompassion                               H eavenly glow        JOY             H appiness R everence                                   R espect I  ncense                LOVE             I nspiration S table                                           S erenity                                       T ravellers             HOPE             T rust M ary                                              M indfulness               A ngels                 PEACE           A nticipation S hepherds                                   S ensitivity The characters and emotions of the Christmas story have been with me for years from […]