Painting the sunset

As I sat on the warm sand after a very hot day the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon, I was in awe of its beauty.

I thought if only I was an artist I could sit on a stool with an easel, canvas and paint a picture.

A fiery red ball of the sun drifting slowly down with streaks of yellow peeping through the grey clouds with an orange colour stretched across the still blue sea. Two yachts drifted past with bird flying around forming black silhouettes. I would have liked a recording of the sounds the waves rippling to the shore and the gulls screeching around scavenging for scraps left from the picnic teas added to my canvas.

My dreaming came to the end as the sun drifted away to form another picture on another horizon leaving me to ponder on the beauty of nature

 The sun still rises and still goes down going wearily back to where it must start all over again Ecclesiastes 1- 5


Painting: Ocean Sunset by Graham Gercken


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