Will I or won’t I?


I woke Sunday morning with “will I or won’t I?” going through my head.

Will I get up and go for a walk or stay in bed for a while, eventually the “will I” won.  I dressed and headed out for my walk. It was a beautiful still morning with the air fresh from recent rain. The leaves on the trees still, there was no traffic noise or people around. I seemed to be in space with nothing crowding my thoughts as if I was alone in the world.

I took the liberty of walking down the middle of the road as I absorbed the freedom of the moment, appreciating my surrounding. In the quietness of the morning I felt at peace. I could be myself – not obligated to any one or any thing. The magpies warbled in the trees, a flock of doves cooed as they searched among the grass for food. I walked appreciating my surroundings – the blue sky, the huge gums, the beautiful sun rise. I thought “All is right in my world”.  It was with deep gratitude I start to retrace my walk home.

I hesitated for a moment. It was then that my bubble burst as I saw a man walking his dog and a car in the distance. I passed a tree where I have often seen a koala bear, he had moved on. The world was waking up.

I  rounded the corner of my street and my favourite huge red rose bush seemed to welcome me.


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