A teddy bear biscuit

tiny teddies

It was after I had helped at a Remembrance Service I went to see a collage using beads, buttons and hearts with messages written on them made by the people who had attended. The service was held in a tree-covered court yard on a beautiful sunny autumn day for people who had lost love ones in the Hospice. After a very meaningful service afternoon tea was served.

I moved around with a tray included some teddy bear biscuits. As I past a little girl munching a muffin I ask if she would like a biscuit I wrapped three in a serviette and was rewarded with a huge smile as she clutched her treasure.

Later as I looked at the collage I saw a teddy bear pasted at the top of the board; a pair of black beads had been added for eyes. I stood in awe wondering what the little girl was thinking gifting a biscuit for a loved one.  I was hoping that she would always remember the day she pasted the teddy bear biscuit that would guide her to a simpler understanding.

The language of hugs helps us to speak from the heart. 


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