The Campfire


I sat away from the campfire looking out into the darkness with a faint moonlight and the stars glittering brightly. Absorbed by the peace that surrounded me I was disturbed by a noise that filled my very being the noise drew closer I saw a myriad of people passing by. I sat and watched with great anticipation.

First to pass were aborigines dressed in loin cloth and carrying spears and other weapons, they were unaware of my presence and passed steadfastly by.

The next to pass appeared to be early pioneers that had arrived in a new land with high expectations hoping to achieve a better live for themselves. Their clothing was inappropriate specially the ladies in long dresses of heavy cloth and small bonnets. Hardships would plagued their live as illness and sadness.

Chinese’s people hoping to make their fortune in the Gold fields in Ballarat walked over land unfortunately many would be disappointed the sound of marching steps followed with men dressed in kaki uniforms with brown leather gaiters and strong boots. Their slouch hat becomes a symbol for our nation. They went with patriotic enthusiasm many never to return. Swagmen passed forced from the cities unable to find work due to the depression, carrying their swags consisting of a blanket roll a few utensils attempting to get work or food from the farmhouses

Unfortunately more men came dressed in uniform ready to serve their country in the desert sands of Egypt and the jungles of New Guinea many more lives were lost in battle. The parade continued including people from different nations from Greece, Italy and from Britain as settlers using their skills and enhancing our life style.

I was roused by voices from the campfire. I walked down and joined the circle of laughter and fun. The children where racing around enjoying the wide open spaces. The visions I had experienced was of our early setters that paved our way into the life style of today. My hope was that the children would respect these pioneers and live in a world of peace.


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