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The pendulum swings

Like the swinging of the pendulum Time and life goes on From the beauty of the morning sky To the fading light of night Through pleasure and adversity Each emotion has its opposites Each experience is an action or reaction With a desire that harmony will replace hostility Positivity linked with time and love To […]

Joy at Sunrise

The day is ushered in at sunrise Into a world of wonderment and creativity Every moment spun with the delicacy of the spider’s web Meeting the new day with expectation Choosing challenges with success Empathy and enduring faith Gathered into a loving heart With gratitude at the end of the day

The Seasons of Colour

The cycles of the seasons are ever changing   SUMMER has its beautiful sunrises as streaks of pink spread through the white clouds Red and orange form as the sun sets a beautiful back drop to the still blue sea   AUTUMN – the leaves turn from green to yellow and russet The crisp leaves […]

Garden of Happiness

Plant a garden of happiness Fertilise it with love Fill it with joyful experiences Pulling weeds of anxiety as they grow Cultivate kindness in all we do and say Gathering meaning and respect Pruning encourages new growth Our faith and purpose is enriched Generosity blooms with a fullness Beauty is our inspiration Peace wafts in […]