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A teddy bear biscuit

It was after I had helped at a Remembrance Service I went to see a collage using beads, buttons and hearts with messages written on them made by the people who had attended. The service was held in a tree-covered court yard on a beautiful sunny autumn day for people who had lost love ones in […]


People will gather early Anzac Day to remember and commemorate the supreme sacrifice of service men and women made during World War One and all those who have served in a war and peace keeping Soldiers landed on the shores of Gallipoli with huge loss of life fighting bravely in horrible conditions. Death pain and […]

Easter Blessings

Blessing to every one Love and peace be with you Every morning to guide you Serving us each and every day Strengthening and sustaining In all we undertake and do Nourishing with grace and understanding God the giver of all things Sacrifice made for every one          Love and Blessings to All

Simple as it goes

A quote from George Bernard Shaw “Life was not meant to be easy “ We all experience difficulties along the way At times we seem to over think things Life can be simplified We are the ones that make it complicated Procrastinating instead of acting Eliminating clutter physically and mentally Doing things simply and practically […]

Will I or won’t I?

I woke Sunday morning with “will I or won’t I?” going through my head. Will I get up and go for a walk or stay in bed for a while, eventually the “will I” won.  I dressed and headed out for my walk. It was a beautiful still morning with the air fresh from recent […]

Gratitude and Thankfulness

I stepped outside, it had started to rain I stood on the veranda and sighed with relief We had extreme heat for several days With bush fires in the near hills I said a prayer of gratitude as nature was taking its course It got me thinking: We allow opportunities to express our gratitude to […]


Here’s a New Year’s Resolution I’ve always liked. There is some dispute online as to who the author of this poem is so I will just say, thank you for your poem – it does indeed make lots of people smile.  Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me […]