Cat’s 23rd Psalm

Oscar the cat copy

From Brooke: I’ve reposted this piece with a picture of the real Oscar who I saw this week in Adelaide. Glenda is recovering well from her surgery.

I wrote this piece for Oscar, my pet cat, who started life deserted by his mother and was hand raised by a vet and her assistants. He is a tabby recognised by the marking on his head. He remained feral for a while and as he had no contact with his mother he had not learnt his social graces. His first disgrace was when he bit my leg which took three prescriptions of antibiotics and several visits to the doctor’s surgery to heal.

Grown from a beautiful small kitten as my grandson says, “He is a big unit now”.  He is mainly an inside cat except when on a harness for roaming in the yard.

Cat’s 23rd Psalm

As a pampered cat I have all that I want

A comfy chair to rest in

A garden with green grass to romp in

A plentiful bowl of food and water gives me strength

I could not ask for more

Even on a dark stormy night I am not afraid

The foot of a warm bed comforts me

I am protected from stray cats who are my enemies

I am treated like an honoured guest

God’s blessing will be with me always

I will have a safe home for ever.


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