Self Love

Love is a great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
Self love and self esteem are simular. Self love and belief in oneself makes a happier and more confident person blocking out fear and self doubt.

Business within work commitments, family pressure, grief, worry, anger, guilt and loss leave little time to assess our self worth. We serve others with a purpose hoping for their happiness and well being ignoring the pressure and stress that accumulates within us sometimes with disastrous effects. Taking responsibility for past mistakes with forgiveness and acceptance we can move on honouring ourselves with time for individual pleasures which sometimes has been long forgotten.

We have the opportunity to enrich our future by nurturing ourselves with an attitude of kindness; and gratefully trusting oneself to grow mentally and spiritually.
Seeking out trusting friends and family we relieve the stress and anguish that we have carried for what seems like a life time, “Let go and let God” after all we don’t have to be perfect.

Take time out for yourself to meditate, read a book, go for a walk, even go out for coffee and a cream cake, climb to the top of a hill or walk on the beach and rest awhile in the
beauty of God’s creation.

old books


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