The Seasons of Colour


The cycles of the seasons are ever changing


SUMMER has its beautiful sunrises

as streaks of pink spread through the white clouds

Red and orange form as the sun sets

a beautiful back drop to the still blue sea


AUTUMN – the leaves turn from green to yellow and russet

The crisp leaves form a carpet as they fall to the ground

to be blown away with the gentle breeze

The grey and brown trunks and branches left bare


WINTER with grey skies turn the damp earth black

The icy white of snow and frost cover the ground

Rain seeps deep into the earth

preparing for new growth in spring


SPRING is welcomed bringing green grass and wild flowers

Displays of flowers of every colour bloom in the gardens


Each season vital in the life and purpose of God’s creation

Different with its beauty and its extremes

It is a joyful time highlighting our thoughts and feelings

Appreciating the gifts we have been given


“Each day you must say to yourself, “Today I am going to begin.”

   Jean Pierre De Caussade


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